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About Quick.Work

Quick Work (https://quick.work) is a personal blog site, I am a software engineer and enjoying life by writing about technology and coding, my first coding experience was in middle school, have been involved in many projects including back-end (server), front-end (UI) and Android mobile app development.

Quick Work is created at the beginning of 2019, my purpose to create this blog site is to fulfill my passion and love in techs, I prefer learning by searching for a real problem from real people than searching for new techs to learn, meeting new people is my way to get inspiration and to drive my passion to work, also love long walking on foot to get inspiration and to enjoy this beautiful world.

The articles in this site are in various categories, some are technical articles about software programming or my opinion of certain technologies or my own traveling experience just to share interesting places that I have visited.

Being just one man alone, creating web, maintaining server and writing articles, I like to keep everything as simple as possible because I know my own limitation about doing everything alone, I prefer to complete many small things than just trying to complete 1 big "important" mission because I have learned the hard way that trying to accomplish one big project/idea alone for many months or years have greater risk of failure due to lost focus or interest, hence the name of this web site, quick work!

All technical articles are written for educational purposes, some have a live demo (prototype) created using vanilla JavaScript (whenever possible), these small tools are mainly created to help myself and hopefully useful to others too.

Please note that for all technical articles are not final, from time to time I revisit an old article just to remind my self how did I solve the problem and if I found good additional info or new better solution then I will update it to make it relevant and more useful, so please pay attention to the last updated date.