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My name is Hariyanto Lim (in Chinese: 鄭吉祥, in Korean: 정길상), I will be more than happy to receive contact from anybody.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for anything, I want to get your opinion, comments, critics, I would be more than happy to know anyone, we may have casual chit-chat, discussion, brainstorming, and if you have any technical problem then I would love to get the opportunity to help you because it is also an opportunity for me to learn new things too.

So if you have any of the following

  • Question regarding any article in this site or question around back-end (server), front-end (web UI), Android app development, etc.
  • Feedback or improvement suggestion about any artice or about this website performance, design (shape/color), etc.
  • Problem to use any live demo in this site or want to report broken live demo in certain browser.
  • Critic or complain about any article or even about my writing style.
  • Need help with your technical related project, I can't promise to help you to complete your project but I will try to help, at least to provide some guides, ideas or alternative directions.
  • Wish to share an article here

Please contact me by email to : hariyanto (dot) lim (at) gmail (dot) com